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Why should we live out the liturgical year in our daily lives? 

  • To learn more about our faith, the saints, and Church tradition. 

  • To nurture our relationship with the Creator of all things. 

  • To live with the rhythms of the Church year. 

  • To have fun. 

  • To share what we discover about God with our family and friends. 

  • To pass the faith on to our children. 


A few of the books referenced!


Also check out these free printables for Hallowtide from Shining Light Dolls 

Image by Jonathan Talbert

But isn't Halloween a pagan holiday? 

I'm so glad you asked! Not only does Halloween have Catholic roots, it is completely intertwined with the celebration of All Saints' and All Souls' Day. It's the vigil night! All Hallows' Eve!

While some people have connected Halloween to earlier pagan celebrations of the new year, Halloween actually has significant Catholic roots. . . . Read more!

It’s Time for Catholics to Embrace Halloween . . . Read more!

You won’t find Halloween on the official liturgical calendar of the Church; the holiday has its roots in the popular piety of past centuries (not in ancient pagan practices, as is sometimes claimed). . . . Read more!

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October 31 - During the season of Ordinary Time - Liturgical color - Green
Vigil to All Saints' Day

Ways to celebrate - All Ages! 

Food and Drink

  • Any Halloween themed beverage - adult or otherwise. 

  • Soul Cakes - find your favorite recipe with an internet search! 


What you can do:

  • Halloween party, but dress up as saints! Have extra costumes for guests that don't have a costume. 

  • Remember those who have died. Have your loved one's favorite drink and raise your glass in a toast of remembrance! 

  • Celebrate Dia de los muertos!

  • Memento Mori is a spiritual practice of remembering our death. A good death starts with a good life! 

Make it Franciscan!  Live the Gospel - Be Peacemakers

  • Trick or Treat for a charity - Food drive or other charity. 

  • Offer silent prayers for Trick or Treaters or the families of the houses you visit. 

Stained Glass

November 1 - All Saints' Day 
During the season of Ordinary Time - Liturgical color - White
Honoring all souls in Heaven! 

Food and Drink

  • Choose a meal and drink that honors a favorite saint!

  • Or pick a new saint to inspire your meal.

What you can do:

  • Attend Mass. It's a holy day of obligation! 

  • Choose a patron saint to learn/read about and to be your saint for the year. 

  • Make a list of saints you can call upon in need. (Von Trapp book)

  • Make lists of saints that have something in common - sports, animals, a country, cooking, or your favorite hobby! 

  • Watch a saint movie! 


Make it Franciscan!  Live the Gospel 

  • Learn about the imperfect lives of the saints and how we too can work at sainthood too! 

Image by JF Martin
Colorful Masks

November 2 - All Souls' Day 
During the season of Ordinary Time - Liturgical color - Purple
Remembering Souls in Purgatory

Food and Drink

  • More soul cakes!

  • Food and drinks that honor your departed loved ones!

What you can do:

  • Celebrate Dia de los Muertos! 

  • Visit a cemetery.

  • Have a family memory walk  - go through old photos and tell stories of departed loved ones. 

  • Light your Baptism candles to remember your own faith journey.

Make it Franciscan! Dignity of all persons.

  • Pray for a speedy transition to heaven for those who have died. 

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