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Session One: At Home This Week


Dear Parents or Guardians,

Thanks for all that you do! Being a parent requires tons of self-sacrifice.  Most of what you do for your child is seen by no one, and often not even appreciated by your child!  But THANK YOU.  On behalf of the faith community to which you belong--the Catholic Church--thank you!  Because of you--and only because of you--your child will grow up Catholic.

These resources are here to help you better understand your faith, weave it into your daily life, and share it with your child.

This will be a time of tremendous bonding between you and your child. Think of this as a real chance to grow together. Having faith and growing in your faith brings amazing things to your life: forgiveness, generosity, hospitality, a sense of hope, and most of all, a closeness to God. 


Friends, this will last a lifetime! Don't skip this process or cut it short because you're too busy now. All too soon, the time will pass, and your children will be beyond your reach.

With Christian love and gratitude 
for ALL that you do,

Donna Kinzie

Sacrament Prepration Ministry

"They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer." - Acts 2:42

In addition to "worshiping God" and "finding community," I want to address why Mass is important to us as Catholics.  But I won't tell you - I'll let a Franciscan friar, priest, and YouTube sensation tell you... Check out what Fr. Casey says about "Why go to church?".  It's only 4 minutes.  You have time.  Please watch...

Learn Answers to Common Questions

One of the most central beliefs of the Catholic Church, the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist, is something that most cannot explain well. What does it mean to say that Christ is truly present?

Home Focus:  How to Have Supper as a Family

For many of us, having supper at home is a lost art.  We sometimes have a hard time coming together as families or using mealtime as a way to connect with each other.  We've gathered some tips for reclaiming this family tradition.  Have supper together on as many nights as possible. Sit at the table and turn off the TV and electronic devices.

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