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Session Two: At Home This Week

Session Review


Our session this week was all about the WORD!  Jesus as the Word, the Bible as the Word, and our celebration of the Word at Mass through the Liturgy of the Word.

The Liturgy of the Word

The first half of the Mass is called the Liturgy of the Word, which includes the following parts:

  • First Reading - a reading from the Bible, usually from the Old Testament

  • Responsorial Psalm - a prayer from the book of Psalms, which we usually sing

  • Second Reading - another reading from the Bible, usually from one of the letters from the early Christian communities

  • Alleluia / Gospel Acclamation - we sing to welcome the Gospel

  • Gospel - a reading from one of the four books in the Bible telling stories about Jesus

  • Homily - the priest or deacon talks about the readings we heard and how they guide us in the way we live our lives

  • Profession of Faith / Creed ("We believe in...") - we say together what we believe as Christians

  • General Intercessions / Prayers of the Faithful - we pray for our needs and the needs of the world

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." - John 1:1

The Bible is an incredible tool and gift from God that our children need to know how to use.  As parents, it is our job to teach them!  But let's face it, we might need a brush up on bible-basics ourselves!  First, there are two ways to read the bible!  Literally and spiritually.  Fr. Casey Cole breaks that down for you in the video below:

Okay.... so now we understand that the bible should not always be taken at face value... and that it significantly influences our spirituality through allegory, moral lessons, and anagogically.


Great - So... HOW to teach our kids the basics of how to use the bible... Books - Chapters - Verses!!  So confusing!!

Not to worry - I've got you covered with that too!  Check out this video from the Miacademy Learning Channel. Watch this one with your kids!

Do You Have a Family Bible?

This is an excellent week to make sure that your family has one or more Bibles available for study at home.  We recommend that your family have two kinds of Bibles: one full Bible in adult language and one that is easy for children to understand.  Here are some that we recommend that are great for kids!  Click the image to purchase on Amazon.


Age 7-9

Age 10-14

Bible Treasure Hunt

Your at home activity this week is a treasure hunt puzzle.  It's a fun way for you and your child to learn how to find things in the Bible.  You can find it on the last page of both the child's and parent's pages for this week.  The parent's page has the answers, but don't look at them unless you get stuck. 

Learn More - The Creed

When you say someone over and over again, it can become a habit more than intention.  When you say the creed, you want to be careful to stay mindful of what it is that you are professing.

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