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Session Three: At Home This Week

Session Review


Our session this week was all about how we offer ourselves to God and what it means to truly give in the spirit of sacrifice! 

The Offertory

The second half of the Mass is called the Liturgy of the Eucharist, of which the Offertory is the first part.  This part is also known as the Preparation of the Altar and Gifts.  This is when the collection is taken; we usually sing a song together, the gifts (bread, wine, and other gifts) are brought forward, and the table is set for Communion.

Our Many Gifts

It is important that we are aware of, and grateful for the many gifts we have in our life.  Family, school, our homes, the Casa, and nature are just the beginning!  What gifts can your family identify?

There are lots of ways to give gifts besides buying and wrapping presents.  How can you give someone else a gift of yourself?

"It is important not to turn in on ourselves, burying our own talent, our spiritual, intellectual, and material riches, everything that the Lord has given us; but rather to open ourselves to be supportive, to be attentive to others. " - Pope Francis

A home is a happier place when everyone gives each other gifts all week long – but they don't have to be things you've purchased and gift-wrapped. Being helpful and grateful to each other takes continuous practice, and no one does it perfectly. We have to practice doing it daily. 

The take-home page for this week has ideas for fostering a happier home in which everyone can take responsibility to make life easier for all the others. Don't underestimate what children can be taught to do at a young age.

Learn More - How God Gives

Here's a fun little video from our Protestant friends at Chuck Knows Church helping up understand how God gives.  He doesn't even wait for us to ask.  We're challenged to give more like God does!

At Home This Week:

  • "Giving Gifts in Your Home" from page 15 of the session guide.

  • "Teaching Your Child to Pray" from page 16 of the session guide.

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