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Want to help?

All of the Casa's Faith In Action ministries list their volunteer opportunities and other ways you can help, with Linktree.  Use the QR code (or click on QR image) to see what opportunities are coming up. 

**Notes on volunteering at the Casa:

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Faith in Action Ministries introduction video

In this video, you will hear from several of the ministries who would like to collaborate with families and young adults. They will tell you a little about what they do, who they are serving, and ideas on how you can be part of what they do. Although not all the ministries are represented in this video, they are equally excited to be collaborating with us and would love your support. 

Apache Fair Trade Crafting Co-op (AFTCO)

  • Support Apache crafters

  • Be a "seller" for Apache craft sales at the Casa

  • Learn and share the history of the Apache people

  • Support our Apache brothers and sisters

Care for Creation

  • Environmental Awareness

  • Projects that reduce our carbon footprint

  • Be an environmental advocate

  • Protect our sister, Mother Earth

Check out all the amazing projects C4C ministry has accomplished! 


Casa Franciscana Outreach

Casa Franciscana Outreach (CFO) is the North American organization that promotes, creates service trips to, and raises money for the Franciscan Mission in Guaymas Mexico.  To learn more about Casa Franciscana Outreach, check out the links below.  The links are to the CFO web site and Fr. Martin’s Facebook page. Fr. Martin is the director of the mission in Mexico 


Home - Casa Franciscana Outreach 


(20+) Martin Ibarra | Facebook 


(20+) Casa Franciscana Guaymas A.C | Facebook 

Casa Grounds for Solidarity

  • Sell fair trade coffee

  • Support coffee growers

  • Address migration issues

Casa Habitat

Ways you can help:

  • Bring lunch for builders

  • Paint rocks for house dedications

  • Fundraise with Lenten Calendar

  • Tour Habitat for Humanity homes

  • Attend a house dedication

  • Provide items for housewarming gifts

  • Serve on the selection committee

  • Build houses - 16 year and older

Casa Veterans Ministry

  • St. Joseph Baskets for homeless veterans

  • Veteran ReConnect events

  • Prayer ceremonies on Veterans' Day and Memorial Day

English as a Second Language - ESL

  • Teach English to help immigrants

  • Evening and day time classes

  • Support teachers by being an aide

  • Help with copying and creating teaching materials

Hunger Action Ministry

  • Volunteer for Casa Food Drives

  • Volunteer at Food Banks in the valley

  • Advocacy and Education

  • Casa Kindness Bags

Just Scripture

JUST SCRIPTURE is 90 minutes in one month where people gather, and do not to change, convert or convince others about the gospel readings, their faith or their beliefs.We all come from different backgrounds and have different experiences. It is our diverse experiences that lead to perspectives unique to each of us that, when shared, enrich all of us.

Valley Interfaith Project

  • Engaging citizens to help make AZ a great state

  • Work along side people of other faiths and non-partisan organizations

  • Learn and form your conscience 

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