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Growing Up Catholic

Session Six: At Home This Week

Session Review

Celebrating Reconciliation

  • Reconciliation is a celebration.  God makes us free, so it is time for a party!

  • A sacrament is something we can see, hear, feel, or smell.  It is a sign of God's love for us that helps us be stronger and know Jesus.


Rite of Reconciliation - Here are the steps!

  • The welcome

  • Bible reading (optional)

  • Confess sins

  • Advice from the priest / Penance

  • Act of Contrition

  • Absolution

  • Go in peace 

Returning to Confession

As a parent, you may be reluctant to receive the sacrament of confession again after a long break, even though it would be an important example for your child.

In this very honest Busted Halo video, Annie Reuter talks about her return to confession at the World Youth Day event.

This video may be difficult for younger children to understand.

Preparing for Reconciliation

At home this week, work with your child to help them think about how to make your home more welcoming for Jesus.  Of course, Jesus does visit your house all the time!  Work with your child to answer these questions.

Invite Jesus into Your Home

  • If you were to invite Jesus to visit your house, what things would you want to do to get ready for his visit?

  • What would you change in your house?

  • Can you and your family do those things now?


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