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The Widow's Offering

As I read this weekend’s Gospel, the widow stood out to me. She stood out to Jesus too! Who was she? What circumstances brought her to be there, a poor widow with her two coins? In the previous verses we hear Jesus condemning the scribes for devouring widows’ houses. Maybe scamming vulnerable elderly out of their money goes back further in history than we realize. The truth is, we don’t know how she became poor. Yet, Jesus uses her situation to teach. He shows us God present in peoples’ lives. In direct comparison to those who only contribute out of their abundance, her offering can be viewed as her openness and trust that God will take care of her. She let go and let God!

How often do I show that complete trust in God working in my life? Do I cling to controlling all aspects of my life? Or cleave to my possessions that “bring me happiness?” Am I willing to let go of the distractions that keep me from the joy I can receive from a meaningful relationship with Jesus?

Here is a challenge for my journey to holiness. Each day, step-by-step, learn to let go of my “two coins” and trust the Creator of the Universe and God of Love will take care of me.

~ Peace, Cheryl

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