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Here are your simple guidelines!

  1. Watch movies together as a family. You can choose from one of the titles below or you can watch movie of your own choice. 

  2. Discuss your movie!

    • General Movie Questions 

      • What is the message of this movie? Do you agree or disagree with it? 

      • Was there something you didn’t understand about the film? What was that? 

      • Who was your favorite character in the movie? Why? 

      • Who was your least favorite character in the film? Why? 

      • Did any of the characters in this movie make you angry? Tell us why. 

      • What did you like about the movie visually?  

      • What did you like about the music?  

    • Catholic Questions 

      • Are there messages in the movie that align with Catholic teachings? Is it something that Catholic people would agree with?  

      • Were there characters who behaved in ways that exhibit our Catholic faith? Who? What makes their actions “Catholic”? 

      • Were there characters who did not behave in Catholic ways? Who? What did they do that would be opposed to the Catholic faith?  

      • What Catholic messages could you find, if any, in the movie?  

  3. Send us your thoughts and comments about the movie you watched! 

  4. Stop by to see us for a prize! 

Need a movie suggestion? Check out these resources!

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