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Middle and High School Youth 
Sacrament Preparation

Information about MS & HS Youth Sacrament Preparation

Youth in 6th to 12th grade can prepare to receive the sacraments:

  • Reconciliation

  • Confirmation

  • First Eucharist


The preparation includes the youth, parents, and whole family in an at home and in person process which guides families to:

  • learn and discuss the symbols and meaning of the sacraments. 

  • understand and participate in Mass more fully. 

  • put our faith in action through service to others. 

  • and most importantly, fosters a deeper relationship with Christ. 

To begin, contact us by filling out the Confirmation/First Eucharist inquiry at the Casa website

Youth Sacrament Dates for 2022-2023 

Session 1 | Sunday, Oct 2

Session 2 | Sunday, Nov 6

Enrollment of Names and Mass Workshop | Sunday, Nov 13

Session 3 | Sunday, Dec 4

Communal Penance Service | Saturday, Dec 10

Session 4 | Sunday, Jan 15

Family Retreat | Sunday, Feb 5

Session 1 Online

Steps to complete:

  1. Read and discuss One Lost Sheep parable.

  2. Watch video on Reconciliation

  3. Begin doing Mass prep and/or discussion each week.

  4. Submit answers and comments through the online form.

Lost Sheep Parable

As a whole family, read Luke 15:1-7 together and then discuss what stood out. What do you think Jesus is trying to say? Use the notes or commentary in any Bibles you have. What does this parable tell us about forgiveness? 

Watch video on Reconciliation

Going to confession is one thing most Catholics are afraid of. This video gives a great overview of why we should go, what spiritual things happen, and an overview of the steps. 

What surprised you most about something you learned in this video? Do you understand why we go to see a priest for confession instead of just talking straight to God? 

Family Mass Prep

A great way to get more out of Mass is to read and discuss the Sunday readings together as a family. You can do this before or after Mass. Or, you can read the readings before Mass and discuss them afterwards. Lots of options that are all good. 

Here are your steps: 

  1. Use our Sunday Faith Activities page to find the readings, reflections, and discussion questions for all ages. This page is updated each Friday evening. 

  2. Read the readings before or after Mass.

  3. Go to Mass

  4. Discuss the readings and homily after Mass. 

Session 2 Online

Steps to complete:

  1. Watch video and discuss the parts of the introductory rite of Mass.

  2. Every family member complete a Love Language inventory. 

  3. Submit answers and comments through the online form.

Part 1 of Mass: The Introductory Rite

As a family, watch the video explaining how Mass begins and the part we play in it. 

Love Language Inventory

As we prepare your children for the sacrament of Confirmation, we want to recognize and celebrate the beautiful gift God has made of them. Each of us is a beautiful and unique creation of God. We all have something to give to others and this world. The Love Language Inventory is a first step in discovering more about who we are and how we relate to others. Each family member should take the inventory and we will be ready to discuss what we learned about ourselves and each other at our next in person meeting. 

Session 3 Online

Steps to complete:

  1. Watch video and discuss the parts of Liturgy of the Word. 

  2. Read, discuss, and try contemplative prayer. 

  3. Submit answers and comments through the online form.

Part 2 of Mass: Liturgy of the Word

Watch, discuss, ask questions about what happens during the Liturgy of the Word and how we participate in this part. 

Praying as a family

Prayer is an important part or our relationship with God. We are fortunate that our Church has so many ways that we can pray. For this session, read and discuss how to do Centering Prayer. Then find time to practice it together as a family and then individually. 

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