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Casa Faith Formation Newsletter

December 17, 2023

A Note from Fred:  We're three weeks into the Advent season.  Just in case you're late to the game, here's a 2 minute recap of Advent:

xmas schedule_page1.jpg

Perhaps by now, you are familiar with the image above:  The pilgrimage site of Greccio where St. Francis intiatied the first Nativity scene.  Ever wonder why there is an Altar built over the manger at Greccio?  It's because there are direct links between the manger and the Eucharist.  Here is a good REFLECTION on the topic.


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Donna Kinzie

Family Ministry

480 355-0344

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Cheryl Hentz

Youth & Young Adult Ministry

Young Family & Infant Baptism Ministry

480 306-4817

Director of Faith Formation

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Fred Mercadante

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