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Living the Liturgical Year: Easter and Ordinary Time 

Celebrating Who We Are! 

Wednesday, April 3 | 6:30 to 8:00 pm | in person or online 

Living the Liturgical Year is an ongoing series sponsored by Casa Faith Formation that invites participants to live out their faith beyond Sunday Mass.  

Each workshop is designed to unpack the major seasons and feast days on the Church calendar to deepen our faith and spirituality through increased understanding of practices and traditions. 

Join us for this next hands-on workshop where you will learn: 

- The season of Easter 

- Three special Sundays that kick off our summer 

- Ordinary Time is Extraordinary 

This time we have Easter People trivia, more hands-on activities, plus food and drinks to sample! 

Register at the FRC Retreat Portal. Fee is only $10 per person! 

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Faith & Science Series

from the Vatican Observatory Foundation
Saturday, May 4 from 5:30 to 6:30 pm


Divine Creation and the Fertile Universe

The Universe is almost 14 Billion years old, and today there are hundreds of billions of Galaxies, each having hundreds of billions of stars. Creation is a big place! 

Our Sun is a third-generation star, 4 and a half billion years old, and its Solar System of planets includes our home, the Earth, on which intelligent life has evolved.  

We will explore the processes that God allows for life to emerge - The Laws of Nature - 

      * Our Laws of Nature 

      * The Laws of Nature as they actually function 

Because the Universe seems to be finely tuned for the existence of life  -  the Anthropic Principle – we will discuss the search for intelligent life elsewhere, and why we might be alone in Creation.  The search for Extraterrestrial intelligence at this point is purely philosophical! 

So, what has God been doing all this time? 

God allows Creation to grow through the process of Evolution, whether it be stars, humans, or any other life-form. 

God did not “design” Creation but has given it the “Free will” to evolve into what it will be. 

Throughout our discussion we will refer to the philosophical concept of a Cosmic Christ which is a view of Christology that considers the extent of Jesus Christ's concern for the cosmos.  

Presentation given by: Jim Renn
Board Member, Vatican Observatory Foundation

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