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Tips for taking young children to Mass!

Guess what?

Here at the Casa, your children are part of our community and church family. We built our church without a cry room on purpose!

So bring those kids to Mass. 

Taking Young Children to Mass

This video gives great tips and tricks for bringing young children to Mass. 

For those of you who don't have older children for them to look up to yet, find another family that does have older children. Sit near them. Plus, your kids will get older. 

Two great locations for seating is up front where they can see and in the back where you can still use your strollers. 

A Little Advice

This is a clip from a podcast. We do encourage you to not lose your peace over your children making noise during Mass. It really is okay. It is not normal for a child to be still and silent for that long. 

We would add this advice:

  • If you need to step out with your child, please come back when your child is ready to return. Remember, we want you there. 

  • If your child only makes it 20 minutes of Mass, next week try 25 minutes.

More resources

These articles have some of the same and more tips and tricks for taking young children to Mass. 

Article: Is It Possible to Go to Mass with Children? 

Article: Have small kids? 5 tips to helping you make it through Mass 

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