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Whole Community Sunday

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Takes place on the 4th Sunday of every month and is designed for all generations at the Casa to come together.  An intergenerational team of community members lead the

1 1/2 hour experience which includes:

-  Coffee And...   

-  Opening Prayer with everyone   

-  Break off sessions with children   

    and catechists   

-  Friends of Francis & Clare (4th

     5th graders) break off as well.


    -  6th - 8th graders help lead Friends of Francis & Clare
   -  Witness talk and faith sharing for HS Teens, parent

        young adults and older adults.

    -  Closing Prayer

    -  Children return for one more family-based activity

         with their parents 

We read the Gospel

and then the Gospel reads us!

Please sign up below to get on our email list for Whole Community Sunday.  RSVP's will be sent out the week before each gathering (helps with preparation).  If you are already a member in our flocknote, please login first (blue button on the bottom)

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