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Casa Faith Formation Newsletter

November 19, 2023

A Note from Fred:

Our Children's Liturgy of the Word takes place every Sunday at the 9:15 AM Mass.  We have a talented and dedicated group of catechists who accompany the children (ages 6-12) as they are dismissed from Mass and lead them in age-appropriate worship and reflection.  We invite families with children in this age bracket to take advantage of this worthwhile opportunity.


In Spotlight:

If you plan an joining us next week, please register HERE


Upon Reflection:  Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time (A):  Enoughness


Upcoming Events:

Whole Community Ministry

Sacrament Prep Ministry

Family Ministry

Youth Ministry

Young Adult Ministry


2023 Donna Kinzie.jpg

Donna Kinzie

Family Ministry

480 355-0344

2023 Fred Mercadante 2.jpg
2023 Cheryl Hentz.jpg

Cheryl Hentz

Youth & Young Adult Ministry

Young Family & Infant Baptism Ministry

480 306-4817

Director of Faith Formation

480 355-0359

Fred Mercadante

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