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Casa Faith Formation Newsletter

September 24, 2023

A Note from Fred:

The second area of Casa Faith Formation that I would like to describe this week is "Family Ministry."  This ministry is about providing opportunities for families with children to grow in faith together and to do it in and through the Roman Catholic Religious Tradition.  It's also about making sure that families feel welcome and a part of the Casa community.

Family Ministry augments our Sacrament Preparation Ministry by inviting families the be engaged in the life of the community.  In a sense, Family Ministry is not religious education as much as it is educating religiously.  Children and parents learn by doing as they flow with the rest of the Church through the liturgical year.

I invite you to learn more about our Family Ministry opportunities HERE.




Donna Kinzie

Family Faith Formation Administration

Sacrament Preparation Ministry

Family Catechesis Ministry

480 355-0344


Cheryl Hentz

Youth & Young Adult Ministry

Young Family & Infant Baptism Ministry

480 306-4817


Director of Faith Formation

480 355-0359

Fred Mercadante

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