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Casa Faith Formation Newsletter

September 17, 2023

A Note from Fred:

The first area of Casa Faith Formation that I would like to describe this week is "Whole Community Ministry."  This ministry is about bringing all generations together.  Of course, Whole Community Ministry already exists in various forms outside of our department's programming.  Sunday Mass is the most obvious example of all generations coming together.  Also, many of the ministries sponsored by Faith in Action are intergenerational.  The Church has known for centuries that when all generations come together, The Mystical Body of Christ (that is, the Church as the People of God) is made manifest in its most complete way.  And what recent generations have learned and have begun to implement into their faith formation programming is that each individual within the Church benefits immensely from being able to hear and share their faith stories with all generations.

This year, we have decided to be intentional about offering some intergenerational opportunities where the whole community is invited.  The newest of these opportunities is Whole Community Sunday which includes faith sharing for teens and adults and creative catechesis for children.  I invite you to use the link from the previous sentence to learn more about this new program.




Donna Kinzie

Family Faith Formation Administration

Sacrament Preparation Ministry

Family Catechesis Ministry

480 355-0344


Cheryl Hentz

Youth & Young Adult Ministry

Young Family & Infant Baptism Ministry

480 306-4817


Director of Faith Formation

480 355-0359

Fred Mercadante

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